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Through ASSERVIRE, every manager should continuously develop his or her personality and action competence, make himself or herself and his or her own company successful, and thereby secure Germany as a business location in the long term.


According to our company name (asservire lat: to be helpful, to assist, to support) we help executives of companies with their daily challenges. In doing so, we take on a mentor, coach or trainer role and provide active support by making available and applying our proven tools and methods.


  1. We focus on the needs of executives. Through our reliability, transparency, confidentiality, accuracy as well as our quality standards, we help them achieve and exceed their personal and professional goals.

  2. We live the CIP* idea and therefore question our results daily and learn from them. New findings are incorporated into our service portfolio and create added value for our customers.

  3. We convince through high morale, discipline and loyalty. This makes us a reliable partner for our customers in all career phases - from application to leaving a company.

* Continuous improvement process

Corporate Philosophy

We have summarized our self-image under the term IMPACT which stands for the following 6 key points:


We are interested in you personally and your professional career. Therefore, we reflect on our activities with regard to the advantages and disadvantages for your career path, taking into account your personal situation, and actively offer assistance.

We are motivated to make the best of your career. To this end, we are constantly educating ourselves, scrutinizing our portfolio of offerings, expanding our network of experts and thereby achieving high standards.

We provide you with documents and results in excellent quality. We achieve this by setting our own high standards for our offers, documents, written materials, presentations and our communication processes. For all documents, we place increased value on compliance with corporate identity specifications in terms of content and form.

We actively support you with our knowledge and resources. In doing so, we use tools that we have developed ourselves and successfully used in the industry. We expand these for you as needed and make them available to you for your career.

We want to inspire you.
With our positive charisma and healthy optimism, we want to inspire you to develop your full potential. Therefore, if necessary, we not only focus on your professional issues, but also offer solutions for your private life with our network of experts.

We work with you as a team. In doing so, we live a professional and appreciative interaction with you and our network of experts. For us, appreciation and closeness are the basis for mutual trust and an honest exchange. It is very important to us that you feel well cared for with your topics.