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As a Coach I support you
in the medium term
with your projects by providing task-related assistance

As a manager, you have to deal with complex issues in a highly volatile stress environment on a daily basis.  In doing so, a strong customer understanding of external and internal customers is important. Only the perfect interaction of all involved departments worldwide can create a satisfying customer experience. ASSERVIRE Coaching is about assessing your current work situation and checking in which business areas and in which projects (strategy projects, investment projects, development projects, organizational projects, etc.) you will gain the maximum benefit through support. 

Determination in which area you need support

Your Possible Topics

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Task- or job-related coaching

My Services For You

  • Professional and personal development of managers through support on operational issues and in critical situations
  • Successful implementation of these tasks within a defined time frame
  • Managing Director
  • Managers at first and second management level

Definition Phase

  • Intensive preliminary discussion with situation and stakeholder analysis
  • Goal setting and rough planning

Planning Phase

  • Preparation of work breakdown structure
  • Risk Analysis
  • Preparation of measures, budget and time schedule

Implementation Phase

  • Face-to-face appointments
  • Online appointments
  • Telephone appointments
  • Providing management tools
  • Operational support
  • Developmental documentation

Closing Phase

  • Transfer of expertise, experience, methods
  • Final report
  • Immediate gain in competence through experienced experts with specialist knowledge and industry network
  • Fast amortization due to high implementation speed and security
  • Independent assessment of the situation with concentration on the task at hand - no distractions due to internal company influences

Self-Management projects

  • Review, improve, and develop critical presentations and speeches
  • Design and planning of kick-off and go-live events
  • Discuss and prepare critical customer or supplier appointments.
  • Review and proofread contracts, proposals, notices, critical correspondence, job applications, etc.
  • Setting up and running through employee interviews (supervisor interviews, direct report interviews)
  • Support and preparation of general conflict talks with superiors, employees, colleagues, customers, suppliers

Strategy projects

  • Support of expansion plans through market and industry analyses
  • Identification of earnings improvement potential

Investment projects

  • Accompanying market or internal due diligence for acquisitions

Engineering projects

  • Introduction of gate processes
  • Introduction of product marketing plans and key account management (KAM)

Organizational projects

  • Expert support for relocations or foreign projects
  • Change management (restructuring, realignment)
  • Start-up management
  • mplementation of lean management processes
  • Introduction of reporting systems

How Coaching works in detail

Coaching Procedure

An initial discussion allows us to determine where we stand and is elementary for a good working relationship.

Coaching only makes sense if coach and coachee can establish a basis of trust. This requires that your expectations as a coachee match my performance as a coach. It is therefore all the more important to clearly understand your needs in the initial meeting and to check whether and how these can be met with the ASSERVIRE offer.

If you are looking for a coach who supports you in acute (crisis) situations, then task- or job-related coaching is the right choice.

The initial consultation usually lasts between 1- 2 hours and is free of charge.

In the analysis phase, we examine your current topics and projects together from different perspectives. On-site support can be very helpful here, as this not only allows us to observe the processes in their current implementation, but also to involve the employees involved. Otherwise, as in Mentoring, the appropriate setting for this can be on-site at your company, in a virtual space created for this purpose in the form of online sessions, or informally in a relaxed atmosphere in a public space (café, restaurant, lobby, etc.).

Any place is suitable where you feel comfortable.

In the final phase, we reflect on the process and the goal achieved. In the case of a client who is not the coachee, there is still a joint final discussion.

Your satisfaction is the only metric I have for the success of our coach-coachee relationship. 

I promise you this satisfaction.

If you are not satisfied, then I will not bill you.

"Personally, I'm always willing to learn, although I don't always want to be lectured."

Winston Churchill

You should never walk alone