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"Make the most of yourself, because that's all you have."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Career Stages

Private Foundation Education and Health Care │
Turnover approx. € 841 million p.a. │ approx. 11,600 employees │ 64 locations │

Teaching Courses | Lectures:  

  • Sales and Marketing (German and English course)
  • HR (German and English course)
  • Risk Management according to ISO 31000 (German and English course)
  • Organizational Behavior (English course)
  • Self-Management (English course)
  • Machine Elements (German course)
  • Patent Law (English course)
  • International Service (German course)
  • Economics and Sociology (German and English course)

Smart Resilience Indicators For Smart Critical Infrastructures, European Union´s Horizon 2020 Research And Innovation Programme Under Grant Agreement No 700621

Other activities:     
Management of "3+1" Cooperation with 4 Chinese Partner Universities (Courses of Study: Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering)

Development, production, sales of assembly and testing equipment for the automotive, medical, solar industries │
Turnover approx. 150 Mio. € p.a. │ approx. 950 MA │ 4 production sites│


  • Management of all sales and aftersales activities of the teamtechnik Group
  • Coordination of all market, sales and service tasks of the branches as well as the agencies in the automotive, medical, solar markets
  • Building a risk-minimized customer portfolio with balanced and sustainable growth
  • Target-oriented further development of the product portfolio in cooperation with the development and product areas
  • Responsible for sales and incoming orders as well as all customer-specific contract negotiations

Development, production, sales of process and automation equipment │
Turnover approx. 100 Mio. € p.a. │ approx. 240 employees │ 2 production sites

  • Management of the branch with the departments Finance & Controlling, HR, Sales, Product Management, Project Management, Engineering, Purchasing, Production, Warehouse, Service
  • Design and implementation of restructuring measures (inventory optimization, cost controlling, adjustment of organizational structure, etc.)
  • Development and implementation of a growth strategy with a new product portfolio
  • Establishment of a continuous improvement process and a quality management
  • Introduction of quality gates for development projects to control and reduce costs
  • Setting up target agreements (including annual bonus payments) for direct reports according to the SMART principle

Development, production, sales of process and automation equipment │
Turnover approx. € 400 million p.a. │ approx. 2400 employees │ 11 production sites

  • Establishment and management of a global service and project organization with 13 service branches and 6 agencies
  • Development and implementation of a service product portfolio (e.g. spare parts packages, maintenance contracts, inspections, remote service, etc.)
  • Introduction of a service key figures cockpit (BI Qlik View) with mapping of global service activities (inventories, availability, deployment planning, etc.)
  • Ensuring uniform guidelines (e.g. reporting structure, qualification matrix, compensation system, etc.) by creating a service manual in all subsidiaries worldwide

Production and sales of cranes │
Turnover approx. 850 m € p.a. │ approx. 1900 employees │ 3 production sites
Subsidiary of TEREX Corporation with sales of approx. $10 billion p.a. │ approx. 20,000 MA

  • Leading spare parts business and repair shop (purchasing, sales, warehouse, shipping)
  • Control and optimization of the global pricing system for all four sales channels (direct sales, sales partners, branch offices, Internet)
  • Analysis of spare parts logistics and development of resulting improvement proposals (e.g. outsourcing of the spare parts warehouse)
  • Introduction of a KPI cockpit on SAP basis

Development, production, sales of ultrasonic cleaning equipment
Turnover approx. € 23 million p.a. │ approx. 260 employees │ 2 production sites

  • Analysis and optimization of existing processes in the production areas
  • Improvement of the cooperation between the project planning, sales, construction, purchasing and assembly departments
  • Control of the entire delivery process of the business unit
  • Responsible for deadlines, costs, quality of the plants from order acceptance to acceptance at the customer's site

"Experience is not what happens to you. Experience is what you make of what happens to you."

Aldous Huxley

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Background Information

If you have looked at the overview of my professional stations, you might have gotten the impression that I have a smooth industrial career behind me. On paper, this is how it looks. You will not find a gap in my resume.

You might also assume that every career move was precisely planned in order to take the next career step. However, this is not the case. My career changes had many different backgrounds. One, for example, was of a purely private nature. Another change was initiated by the fact that my employer at the time replaced the existing management team - and thus my existing career network. Another time, at the end of my employment, my values simply no longer coincided with the values of the company.

So my career in the industry has in no way been without friction. However, it has given me the opportunity to familiarize myself with many topics. I therefore describe myself as a generalist, even though I have very sound specialized knowledge in the area of "After Sales". 

At my various companies, I was allowed to lead international teams worldwide (USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia) - sometimes as a technical supervisor, sometimes as a disciplinary supervisor. I had budget responsibility for various profit centers and also know the pitfalls that have to be navigated as sole managing director. Through my various positions, I understand the language of owner-managed, German companies just as well as that of large, foreign, stock-exchange listed corporations.. In addition, I was able to gain experience in various industries (automotive, medtec, watches / jewelry, pharmaceuticals, PV, PCB, glass, facade construction).

One topic has always accompanied me in all the different positions and fascinated me the most - the topic of Human Resources (HR) with the core topic of Personnel Development. I was very lucky to work in companies with very good HR departments. The topic of Personnel Development was always key and as a result I was able to go through numerous development programs.

However, I also discovered early on that it is not the sole responsibility of the employer to plan and facilitate the employee's career. I observed that many employees leave the career management exclusively to their employer and are then disappointed when this is not done or is done inadequately.

Ideally, it is a clear togetherness. In many companies, this is achieved by establishing a mentor/mentee-relationship.  An older, experienced employee (Mentor) is placed at the side of a younger, inexperienced employee (Mentee). This approach is successful because the mentee can benefit from the mentor's company knowledge and network, among other things. This "in-house" concept ends at the latest when the mentee has reached the C-level of the company in his career. From my own experience, however, I know that there is still a need for mentoring here as well.

I am convinced that every (peaceful) encounter between people brings added value - in whatever form.

Therefore, do not hesitate to Contact me personally. 

I am looking forward to seeing you.

In my opinion, you can't start promoting careers early enough. Therefore, I am happy every day to accompany young academics on their way through life. The SRH University Heidelberg ( offers a wonderful environment for this. Students are trained in small groups according to the CORE-Concept in five-week modules based on competencies.

At first I thought that as a professor I would only pass on knowledge to students, but I quickly learned how much I myself learn every day through the exchange with colleagues from different faculties (business, engineering, law, psychology), with external lecturers and with our motivated students. 

By supervising more than 20 bachelor's and master's theses a year - 95% of which are carried out with industry partners - I also gain a continuous insight into the latest topics from the world of business. I can reflect this in my lectures and thus ensure that the students are trained in an application-oriented manner.

I have been visiting the Mechanical Engineering Forum ( for a good 20 years. I know of no format that better implements the "exchange of experience among practitioners" (Note: This is the slogan of the Maschinenbauforum). For this reason, I have been happy to support the Maschinenbauforum for 5 years by giving Impulse Lectures and Seminars. Before that my colleagues and I were regulary guests and often benefited from this excellent network of experts.

You should never walk alone