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How capable are you of taking action?

Your Competencies

Your activity and action competence results from the interaction of personal competence, learning competence, technical and methodological competence as well as social and communication competence. The more pronounced and at the same time balanced these competencies are, the higher your competence to act as a manager is.

Allgemein Aktivitäts- und Handlungskompetenz

Which competency profile comes closest to yours?


Profile 1

Young executive

The young manager has a highly developed learning competence. The other areas of competence, on the other hand, are still less developed, since competencies are founded on knowledge but only consolidated through experience.

Aktivitäts- und Handlungskompetenz Jungingenieur

Profile 2

Technical Expert / Specialist

The profile of a technical expert / specialist is characterized by high technical and methodological competence as well as learning competence.  This contrasts with a deficit in the areas of personal competence, social competence and communication competence.

Aktivitäts- und Handlungskompetenz Experte

Profile 3

Experienced Leader

The profile of an experienced manager is well developed in all competence areas. This results in a high level of activity and action competence. The technical competence moves into the background.

Aktivitäts- und Handlungskompetenz Leader

Important things about competencies

Definitions and explanations

The KODE® - CompetenceAtlas comprises four competence groups and differentiates these again into 64 defined sub-competences. On the basis of the CompetenceAtlas, interpretations can be made along individual sub-competencies.

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"Competencies are grounded by knowledge in the narrow sense, constituted by rules, values and norms, personalized by interiorization processes, disposed as abilities, consolidated by experience, and realized on the basis of will."

Volker Heyse, John Erpenbeck

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