Which of these 16 personalities do you possess?

What personality do you have?

Your Personality

Einfluss der Persönlichkeit auf die Karriere

The MBTI ® - method distinguishes the following 16 personality types. These can be seen as a first indicator of how you react in business and private situations:

1. Where do you get your energy from? Is your attention directed more inwards or outwards?
2. How do you perceive your environment and how do you absorb information? Do you rely on your five senses with attention to detail or is your focus on the big picture?
3. What is the basis for your decisions and how do you make them? Are you more rational or emotional in this process?
4. How do you deal with your outside world? Are you perceived more as a structured, orderly personality or more as flexible and spontaneous personality?

"Personalities are not formed by fine speeches, but by work and one's own performance."

Albert Einstein

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